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Other Books We've Enjoyed This Month

Other Books We've Enjoyed This Month

An essential read for anyone who considers themselves a feminist, this cutting and critical work takes the legitimacy of the modern feminist movement to task by arguing that it has chronically failed to be inclusive. The book highlights how mainstream feminism has been so focused on increasing the privilege of (usually white) women, that it has neglected foundational needs of many black women. Replete with examples of such failures and problematic approaches, the book is as much an indictment as it is an invitation to do better. A call for solidarity and intersectionality and to unsettle the status quo. Read it! 

The Fogging is a quiet and compelling novel that follows two Australian academics as their relationship breaks down while on holiday in Bali. For a slim book, Horton covers rich and varied thematic ground: masculinity, anxiety, interconnectedness, reliance on technology, isolation. The writing is at its strongest when observing the nuances of human connection. As another review put it, “Horton manages to distil complex social machinations into a few well-crafted sentences, summoning whole lives in brief set pieces from the couple’s various destination adventures”. Measured and gripping, this is an impressive debut from a new voice in Australian literature. 

An authentic, frank and, consequently, very relatable account of motherhood and all of its grievances. Oh and joys! And this is half the point here: that horror, misery and torment are almost always adjacent to the wonder of parenthood. Borrowing from the blurb here, “finally, a book that resists the sanitised, acceptable face of parenting. You might not feel better, but at least you'll feel less alone.” And you will laugh. A lot. More of this in mumoirs, please! 

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