About Us

Ruby here, the owner of WellRead. As a former WellRead customer and English Literature major, I had long held the romantic dream of opening up a bookshop. When friend and fellow south coast local Laura decided it was time to pass the baton after four years of WellRead, I raised my hand. Or flailed in sheer delight. I was keen, in other words. 

Laura is still behind the scenes selecting books and drafting your reading notes. Her magic will always be embedded into the core of WellRead.  

We are proud to bring together discovery, reading and joy. We understand just how overwhelming decision-making can be when it comes to selecting new books in a saturated market. Our proposition is that we will read mountains of books and cherry-pick the best new literary titles so that you don’t risk wasting precious time and money on duds.

We understand that being well read might mean different things to different people. For us it’s not in the quantity of books you read but in the quality. Don’t expect mass market books from us. Do expect rich reading experiences with nuanced characters and interesting premises that leave you enchanted or stirred or enlivened and always a little bit changed. 

Our curatorship is geared towards stimulating the reading lives of our members. We want to keep you WellRead. 

Ruby x

P.S. For the nitty gritty on how it all works head to our FAQs page