WellRead Kids May Selection: Katerina Cruickshanks by Daniel Gray-Barnett

This month's kid’s book is all about Katerina Cruickshanks. Some people like to call Katerina a a wild child, a trickster, a ringleader! Some people tell Katerina they are "too much". But by reading this story, we learn that there's no such thing. Katerina shows us that it’s just a matter of finding the friends who will love you as you are. This is a playful and joy-filled celebration of loud, daring, outrageous kids, and about "making life grand in your own special way."

"A fast-paced fantastical journey reminiscent of Maurice Sendak and Dr Seuss…Energetic kids will no doubt delight in Katerina’s unruly escapes.’ —Anica Boulanger-Mashberg, Books + Publishing.

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