WellRead April Selection: Love Objects by Emily Maguire

Introducing our April selection, Emily Maguire's sixth novel, the big-hearted, bold and brilliant Love Objects.

Told with enormous amounts of empathy and smarts, this multi-narrative is a deep dive into hoarding, class, male entitlement and sexual harassment in universities, and the limits of familial responsibility. It's about love and family, betrayal and forgiveness, and the things we do to fill our empty spaces.

Maguire wrote the book while writer in residence at the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre which examines chronic lifestyle diseases (Charlotte Wood wrote The Weekend during her tenure of the same fellowship). And it really does show! As The Monthly observed in their review, "Love Objects demonstrates the best relationship between storytelling and science, in which each informs the other to foster genuine understanding and connection."

We loved this insightful and wholly immersive book and we can't wait to chat with Emily about it later this month - more details on the event can be found here.

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