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Picky Panda by Jackie Huang

Picky Panda by Jackie Huang

This month, we’re introducing you to a character that likes things to be just right … kind of like us sometimes! Mr Panda has carefully designed his own life just the way he likes it and making a decision is never hard for him; everything is right or wrong. Easy peasy. 

When a friend gives him a gift to take home, he struggles to know what to do with it – it doesn’t fit into his home the way that he would like it to. Everywhere he tries to put it doesn’t seem quite right. 

Picky Panda is a story about inviting new ideas into your life, changing your perspective and delighting in the wonderful things that sometimes make life more complicated. 

Extra things to think and do:

  • Mr. Panda has spent all his life making sure decisions are easy for him to make – do you find it easy to make decisions? 
  • Why do you think Mr Panda spent so long trying to find a place for the flowerpot? 
  • If you met Mr Panda for the first time on the last page, how would you describe him? How is that different to what he’s like on the first page? 
  • Have you tried something new this week – a new food, a new t-shirt, or did you make a new friend? How did you feel after trying something new? 
  • How many coloured flowers can you count in the story?

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