Our February Selection: Long Bright River

Introducing our February selection Long Bright River by Liz Moore. An intelligent, stylish and compulsive read that will keep you guessing until the very last pages. And sometimes that is exactly the book we all need to read!

Part literary thriller, part family saga, part police procedural, the novel takes place against the gritty backdrop of Kensington - a not-yet-gentrified neighbourhood in Philadelphia that is being devastated by the opioid crisis. Michaela “Mickey” Fitzpatrick is a cop and single mother; her younger sister, Kacey, a drug addict and prostitute. When Kacey goes missing amid a flurry of unsolved murders of women in the area, Mickey commits herself to finding Kasey and the killer, all the while hoping that her sister isn’t the next victim. Propulsive reading ensues!

Hugely affecting and riveting, the book expertly crafts a portrait of a community in suffering by illuminating the realities of drug addiction and the networks that arise around it. The layered plot, sharp prose and complex characters elevate this book to something more than just a whodunnit piece of pulp fiction. It’s smart and sophisticated and has huge amounts of heart. We could not put it down!

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  • Love hearing that, Sarah. A hard book to put down right?! Thanks for sharing with us – we love receiving feedback like yours.

  • I saved this read for the long weekend and didn’t drop it to the last page. So many emotions, a heartbreakingly honest read. Challenging (as a mum) but still the best crime fiction I’ve read in ages!

    Sarah Bruere
  • Hey guys I noticed this book has sold out. Will you be getting more in or do you have any left over from last month? That also looked very interesting but I left it to late……. argh

    Tracey Risorto
  • Kim, what a happy coincidence. We hope you love it!

  • I’d just read a review of this and put it on my must read list, and it’s going to arrive today! My first book from you, and I’m excited. Thank you!

    Kim Gordon

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