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Book Club Reading Questions

Book Club Questions for Small Hours by Bobby Palmer | WellRead's March 2024 Selection

Book Club Questions for Small Hours by Bobby Palmer | WellRead's March 2024 Selection

WellRead's March 2024 selection was Small Hours by Bobby Palmer. In his second novel, Palmer beckons us to appreciate all the treasures the British countryside has to offer – from puffball mushrooms to ancient oaks, it’s impossible to close this novel without a renewed appreciation for the natural world.

Use these discussion questions to engage with the book further, whether in a book club with friends, or just on your own as you digest the story. 

Reading questions for Small Hours by Bobby Palmer: 

  • How do some of Jack’s decisions mirror his father’s throughout his life?

  • Charlotte doesn’t sit at the centre of the story – she is the only character we don’t read the perspective of – and yet she is often the one holding the family together. Do you agree with her methods of getting her family to see one another more clearly?

  • Do you think the fox was really speaking to Jack?

  • “Things aren’t set in stone. The smallest creatures undergo the greatest transformations. We are all of us, always, in flux.” Which of the Penwick family changes the most throughout the story? Did your own opinion of each of the characters shift by the last page?

  • Which perspective did you like reading the most? Which do you think had the most balanced view of the family’s relationships? Jack, Hazel, Gerry or the fox?

  • Why do you think the author chose to structure each perspective slightly differently?

  • In what ways did the story reflect your own experiences with ageing family members or fractured family relationships? 

Please note, these questions were written and distributed in March 2024.