Book Subscription for Book Clubs


This product is perfect for book clubs! Each month, we’ll send you multiple copies of our monthly adults’ selection – a new literary fiction release – accompanied by reading notes and questions to inspire conversation. 

It’s a big world of books out there and deciding what your book club will read can be a tricky process. Keep your reads diverse, interesting and varied in content and form throughout the year with the WellRead Book Subscription for Book Clubs.

What’s included: 

  • 4 or more copies of a carefully selected book for the month 
  • Reading notes to inspire conversation and extend the reading experience
  • A book club exclusive discount of 10% 
  • No extra shipping fees 

How does it work? 

  • You can expect to receive your book in the first week of each month, with guaranteed delivery by the 10th of the month. Please note, your first delivery may be delayed depending on the date of purchase. Feel free to email us if you're unsure. 
  • One member of your book club will receive the parcel, to then distribute copies to other members. We suggest the distribution of the next month’s book happens during the Book Club of the previous month! 
  • The selected book will be the same title that is delivered to all our adult subscribers. Our books are hand-picked and represent the best new releases and hidden gems in local and international publishing. Expect titles outside of the mass market. Instead expect excellent reading experiences with nuanced characters, compelling themes, rich plots. All of the things we want from good books. 
  • Subscribe by the first week of the month to receive the latest selection. Orders placed after the 7th will receive the following month’s book. 
  • If you need to skip, cancel or adjust your order at any point, simply send us an email! 

This subscription is right for your book club if: 

  • Your group struggles to decide on what to read 
  • Your group has read too many of the same kinds of books recently 
  • Staying on top of new releases is important to you 
  • Getting a hold of enough copies of one book has been difficult for your group in the past 
  • You just want to take the pressure off – we decide on the book for you and provide reading notes … all you need to do is read, meet and discuss. 

WellRead helps you to experience the immeasurable joy of reading a really good book.