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WellRead November Selection: They're Going to Love by Meg Howrey

WellRead November Selection: They're Going to Love by Meg Howrey

We almost didn't read this book. We did the thing you're not supposed to do but you're human so you do it anyway: you judge the book by its cover. But thank goodness we finally did read it because what’s between the covers is so very good. An early review went as far as to call it soul-stirring, and that's not hyperbole, that's just fact. So, if the cover isn’t doing things for you either, heed the words we've been told since childhood and suspend your judgement until later (and also swipe left for the stunning US version).

They’re Going to Love You is a coming-of-age story that alternates between present-day LA and the professional ballet world of 1980s NYC. And no, we didn’t get that wrong. Coming-of-age takes longer for some: “I can’t, at my age, still be becoming a person, can I?” Carlisle, our protagonist, wonders in her forties. As the reader, we get a front row seat to Carlisle’s emotional and creative evolution. She is alive to the reader in a way that only truly great characters are. We see her enchantment with New York, with her father and his partner, and the glittery life of art and sophistication that she so desperately desires but that always feels out of reach. We see how love, ambition and art combine to shape the person she becomes, and the price she pays to have these things in her life.

Elegant and affecting, They’re Going to Love You has all the ingredients we love in good novels: desire, betrayal, regret, love, loyalty, art, family dynamics, and a masterfully revealed secret at its heart. It’s the kind of book you press into the hands of friends and tell them to clear the calendar (and ignore the cover).

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