Sydney Writers’ Festival - Pack 3

Sydney Writers’ Festival - Pack 3

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The Sydney Writers’ Festival for 2020 was recently cancelled. It was a cracking good program showcasing a bunch of brilliant and interesting writers who will be significantly impacted by the cancellation. We want to support these writers as much as we can and so have curated three packs of books to give you a taste of what the festival had to offer. See the other packs here.

What's included in Pack 3 - Australian Debuts:

Blueberries by Ellena Savage
Blueberries could be described as a collection of essays, the closest term available for a book that resists classification; a blend of personal essay, polemic, prose poetry, true-crime journalism and confession that considers a fragmented life, reflecting on what it means to be a woman, a body, an artist. It is both a memoir and an interrogation of memoir. It is a new horizon in storytelling. In crystalline prose, Savage explores the essential questions of the examined life: what is it to desire? What is it to accommodate oneself to the world? And at what cost?

I Choose Elena by Lucia Osborne-Crowley
Aged fifteen and on track to be an Olympic gymnast, Lucia Osborne-Crowley was violently raped in Sydney on a night out, sparking a series of events that left her devastatingly ill for more than ten years of her life. Her path to healing began a decade later, when she told someone about her rape for the very first time. Lucia eventually found solace in writers like Elena Ferrante, and her work is about rediscovering vulnerability and resilience in the face of formerly unbearable trauma.

The Coconut Children by Vivian Pham
“You can smell and taste this book – a vivid picture of Cabramatta in all its late millennium glory and grit. Vivian Pham goes straight to the important things in life – food, family, friendship, freedom, sex, love and death. The writing is full of grace and courage – fierce, frank and funny. And the tale keeps twisting ‘til the end.” - Paul Kelly.

The Coconut Children is an urgent, moving and wise debut and WellRead’s April selection. 

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