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WellRead Kids April Selection: Big Cat by Jess Racklyeft

WellRead Kids April Selection: Big Cat by Jess Racklyeft

This month's book is a story about Big Cat. Big Cat is mysterious. Big Cat is chaotic. Big Cat is lawless. The book is also about Catherine who is none of these things. She likes to be neat, tidy and orderly. When Big Cat and Catherine meet, they discover they have more in common than they think and that sometimes the best adventures can be found in your own backyard. A story about finding your inner wildness in unexpected places and embracing change.

"Organised Catherine loves to investigate things, and when she hears rumours about the Big Cat sightings, she is intrigued and sets out to solve the mystery. The Big Cat that Catherine uncovers is wild and lawless, the opposite to all that Catherine is, but despite these differences they bond over their love of adventure. Together they set off through the city with Catherine sharing her discoveries and Big Cat helping her uncover more. Jess Racklyeft’s Big Cat celebrates change and being different in a delightful narrative that encourages readers to look at the everyday in new ways. The friendship between Catherine and Big Cat reinforces that the people around us can help us to grow through different experiences. Racklyeft’s choice of words shape the story beautifully making it a fun read-aloud and adding to the imagery. The use of illustrative text lifts the story and enhances the bright watercolour artwork. Recognisable Melbourne artworks from the city’s Arts and Heritage Collection can be found scattered throughout the book and the end papers provide a glossary for these. Complete with fascinating facts and locations it offers families a way to extend the book’s experience by going on a treasure hunt across their own city. Recommended for ages three and up, this is a picture book that will resonate with readers in new ways as they re-read it at different stages." 
Books+Publishing reviewer: M H Alessandrino

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